Achievements | Jay Biotech

Achievements | Jay Biotech

Achievements in Grape management

  • Producing Export quality grapes in low quality soil
  • 100% Export to UK and Europe since 13 years
  • No pesticide residue problem till today
  • In 2010 when most of the grapes exported from India were in disaster that time all the grapes exported from Bafna farms were passed in India as well as in European laboratories for chloromquet chloride residue
  • Produced pesticide free grapes even after use of chemicals
  • Growing grape with-out chemical nitrogen since last 2 years
  • Reduced uses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by 50 to 70%
  • Developed a microbial technology to degrade chemicals used in agriculture
  • Standardized a methodology to produce 2 crops of grapes in a year. Successfully harvested 7th crop in 3.5 year
  • Developed a microbial technology to reduce soil salinity. Soil sodium levels were reduced from 1000 ppm to 520 ppm


Achievements in other crops at different farmer’s locations

  • Developed microbial technology to control nematodes, wilt causing fungi in most of the vegetables like tomato, capsicum, chili, okra, cucumber etc
  • Developed a bio-organic package to prevent pomegranate plant which were supposed to die due to dieback, nematodes and wilt causing fungi (Ceratocystis and Fusarium)
  • Developed a technology to control bacterial blight (Tellya) in Pomegranate
  • Produced sugarcane 100 tons / acre in low quality soil with 30 to 50% reduced doses of chemical nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. At the same time the average yield of sugarcane in the adjusting area is 40 tons / acre
  • Produced 91 tons of sugarcane using flood irrigation with 30% less chemical fertilizers
  • Produced Tomato crop with-out use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides at Palus, Sangali, and Maharashtra. The sowing of tomato plantlet was done in October 2012 and (Yield was 60 tons / acre)
  • Producing capsicum on similar bed since 8 years at Chinchani, Dahanue, Maharashtra with 40 tons / acre
  • Developed microbial products for tea management. Conducted successful trials since 2 years on more than 1000 acres. The tea powder production was increased by 10%. Based on the results, trials are in the process in different Tea gardens across India
  • Different bio-organic products from Jay Research Technology showed excellent results in other crops like fruits, vegetables, pulses, oil seed and fiber crops all over India

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